About The Shed

A small, but intimate & welcoming bistro in the renowned village of Porthgain - a unique & local experience


After 16 frantic years we have reached our goal and building on the success of the Bistro and the ever popular Fish & Chip Days, we have decided now is the time to develop other interests - building a home, boat trips, etc and now want to simply alter the demands of such an intense and hectic lifestyle. So Fish & Chips with simple and favourite specials - Please look at our sample Fish and Chip menu for our new style menu - still focusing on local and fresh using a variety of sustainable and local catches.

We have a small outside seating area so you can watch the world go by.... We have an extensive Wine List with house wines starting at £14.95, as well as a full range of lager, beers, spirits & soft drinks. Home-made cakes, Fresh Coffee, Cappuccino, Latte, Hot Chocolate, Ice Creams etc, are served.

The emphasis of our menu is fish and shellfish, however we always offer a meat and vegetarian alternative.

The Beginning

The Shed Tearoom was opened in 2001 - shortly after the outbreak of 'Foot & Mouth', initially to improve the bookings for the boat trips. We began without mains water or electricity - using a generator for lighting and carrying in water on a daily basis! We borrowed tables & chairs, teapots, saucepans, went to Oxfam shops - and even climbed in skips to retrieve cast off picnic tables! Many thought we were mad, given the devastation caused by the farming plight and the lack of modern facilities, but it enabled us to prove that the tearoom would be viable. The following winter we invested in securing the lease for the building.

We started the next season with all mod cons, and truly thought it was a doddle compared to the year before. We have to say without the patience and support of our staff, friends and family we would have given up quickly. We began the 'Evening Bistro' in late June, just opening three nights a week and operating a 'BYO'. Our regular customers got used to coming through the kitchen to use the loo at the back and stopping for a chat on the way back!

Wow - a tremendous learning curve - we seem to move into the 'league' without knowing. Not without it's up & downs mind you - mistakes, complaints, giggles, hair tearing & tears etc. Rob & I are both astounded at the good feedback we get - and overwhelmed by articles & attention in the National Papers - scary - expectations have been increased which has been a challenge - to say the least.

After ten years we have decided to change slightly – still fishy and local but more relaxed and simple – fish and chips alongside our bistro menu which hopefully appeals to a wider market.

Opening Hours

Our opening hours vary throughout the year but as a guideline we are open everyday from Easter until the end of October Half term, and every school holiday during the winter. Please check our exact opening times

We can get very busy especially at peak times so booking is strongly advised.

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The Shed Bistro

Porthgain, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire


Tel: 01348831518